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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is designed to keep athletes fit, healthy - and in the game. Family Practice Associates offers a host of programs for athletes at all levels, from youth games through professional athletes.  

When injuries occur, Family Practice Associates is able to handle the unique requirements of all athletes. Using state-of-the-art procedures and equipment, our providers offer a variety of unique and effective treatments for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries including bedside musculoskeletal ultrasound. 

We are also proud to announce that Dr. Harris holds certification for the highest level of training a medical provider can receive from the Titleist Performance Institute: Medical Level 3 Certification. He is also a certified provider for OnBase University to elite softball and baseball athletes. What does this mean for our patients? This means that Dr. Harris is trained in the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) evaluations for all sports to improve musculoskeletal health. These physical evaluations of the body show where joint and soft tissue issues are located to determine where the movement patterns of the body are flawed. Through examination of your movement quality, physical fitness, biomechanics, and current health, we will be able to develop a specific plan to help you play your best. Each plan is uniquely designed for each athlete and may include fitness training, physical therapy, swing coaching, and mental strategy. 

Dr. Harris' Certifications:

During Residency Training Completed Area of Interest Track: Sports Medicine

Titleist Performance Institute: Medical Level 3 Instructor 

Titleist Performance Institute: Junior Athletes Level 2 Instructor

Titleist Performance Institute: Golf Level 2 Instructor

Titleist Performance Institute: Fitness Level 2 Instructor

OnBase University: Hitting Instructor

OnBase University: Pitching Instructor

RockTape Certified Provider

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